Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today has proven to be an interesting day. Right off the bat, the new puppy shredded my lacecap hydranga plant at the back door.  He's pouting now because I disciplined him.

I'm making knitted scarves today.  I saw one at the Mall yesterday made from bright colors that I really liked, so I'm using left overs from previous skeins to make one in for myself.  The work goes pretty fast, so I should have it finished in a couple of days!  If it goes well, I may make a hat to go with it, even though we don't need them in Southeast Texas too often!

Trying to finish up some of the UFO's around here so I can get started on the quilt top that I have completed.  I'd like to get in on the frame and start quilting it soon.  It's spring colors, so I'd love to have it completed by the time spring rolls's a king size.

Lots to do today, and not getting it done sitting in front of the computer!  Catch ya latah!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trials and Tribulations of setting up a blog

I love it!  What is it they say about Murphy's Law?  Anything that can...oh well, you know the rest!

I was just about ready to go public with my blog this morning when the electricity suddenly went out.  It was off
for a little over an hour, and when I came back to finish, my work had not been saved. :(  Maybe God is testing me this morning to teach me patience and diligence.  I think I finally have all the preliminary items ready to go, and some fine-tuning as we go along as we launch on this unknown journey.

I hope you enjoy the work I have published here, I also hope I have not forgotten to give credit where it is due. As I post new work from different sources of inspiration, I'll try to remember to give credit, ultimately, I give the credit to God, who gave me the talent to work with my hands, and the eyes to see the beauty of His creations.