Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trials and Tribulations of setting up a blog

I love it!  What is it they say about Murphy's Law?  Anything that can...oh well, you know the rest!

I was just about ready to go public with my blog this morning when the electricity suddenly went out.  It was off
for a little over an hour, and when I came back to finish, my work had not been saved. :(  Maybe God is testing me this morning to teach me patience and diligence.  I think I finally have all the preliminary items ready to go, and some fine-tuning as we go along as we launch on this unknown journey.

I hope you enjoy the work I have published here, I also hope I have not forgotten to give credit where it is due. As I post new work from different sources of inspiration, I'll try to remember to give credit, ultimately, I give the credit to God, who gave me the talent to work with my hands, and the eyes to see the beauty of His creations.

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