Thursday, June 2, 2011

Raising babies

I was busily stitching this afternoon when I kept hearing babies crying. I decided to go see what all the noise was about, and looked out my kitchen window to see baby Blue Jays in the bird bath. There wasn't just one or two, but five! If you include the two parents that were with them, there were seven Blue Jays in the rose bush and on the deck railing, as well as in the bird bath! They are so cute, and the dog and I really enjoyed watching them. They have splashed all the water out of the bird bath, so I'll have to go refill it. I just know that they will fly off and not come back for a while after I go outside. They visited yesterday afternoon about the same time, and did not come back after I gave them a refill. They are also enjoying the rose petals off my trellis and the watermelon rind that I put out for them! I am sharing a few of the pictures I took with all of you. It's a shame that I could never get more than three at a time in any of the pictures! What a treat on this 100+ degree afternoon! I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did watching them! Happy stitching!

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